Learning how to tie a turban …

No, no, this won’t be a manual! 🙂

At the end of the 3rd week of school we had our annual Turban Tying Competition! The week was entirely dedicated to non-stop practicing and full turbans were worn throughout the whole week. Older students and squad leaders gave the new students pointers and coached them on how to get good style points.

As we shared with all our students, the turban helps you to stay focused and represents your identity as a sovereign spiritual being. If you are going to tie a turban it is important to make it neat, clean and give a positive impression to the people you meet. We hold this competition at the start of the year to help our students get the hang of this important skill, which they will need every day of the school year.

During the competition they each had 4 minutes to tie a house turban and 10 minutes to tie a full turban. Students were not allowed to help others and our MJs kept watch to keep it fair. New students had an extra point added to their scores since most of them are very new to tying a turban. Judges looked for neatness, cleanliness, and of course, style.


New Student Girls: Charanjeet    
  Boys: Sasha Novikov    
Intermediate Girls: Charanjeet    
  Boys: Anmol    
Senior Girls: Caterina    
  Boys: Amar and Amarbir    
House Turbans     Full Turbans  
Girls Boys   Girls Boys
White White 1st Blue Silver
Blue Silver 2nd Silver White
Silver Gold 3rd White Gold
Gold Blue 4th Gold Blue
Silver    1st 70 points    
White   2nd 66 points    
Blue     3rd 45 points    
Gold    4th 25 points