Dinner is served, Part I & II

Two weeks ago the eagerly awaited Dinner Competition began. This competition is the most difficult of the year, with students planning food, decorations, serving, entertainment and cleanup on their own, as well as managing the budget and ordering with the help of the kitchen staff. The amount of work required to feed, serve and entertain over one hundred people would be a daunting task even for the most mature and experienced among us!

Blue House started with a glamorous Lord of the Rings dinner and everybody enjoyed having dinner in costumes. They managed a very Elfish ambiance and our students were beautifully costumed.

Silver House was next and they cooked last Saturday. Their theme was a Mexican dinner / boxing fight combination. Great entertainment, the boxing fight had several rounds and, with breaks, lasted the whole dinner. At halftime cheerleaders danced the Macarena.

Both dinners were very amusing and we are looking forward to next 2 Saturdays, White & Gold House dinners.


Blue House Dinner

Silver House Dinner